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eBook Contents

  • Building a clay oven – the basics
    • What you will need – Materials and equipment
    • The build order
    • How long will a clay oven last?
  • The plinth and brick oven floor
    • Materials for plinth construction
    • Plinth foundation construction
    • Plinth construction
    • Brick oven floor construction
  • The clay-sand mixture and puddling technique
    • Mixing or puddling
  • The dome sand-former and first (oven) layer
    • The first (oven) layer
  • The oven entrance and chimney
    • Cutting the entrance
    • Drying the first layer – firing the oven
    • Building the brick arch
    • The chimney
  • The insulation layer
  • The final layer
  • Firing the oven
  • The best pizza ever!

Exclusive to this edition

To celebrate the launch of this edition of “How to Build a Traditional Wood-fired Clay Oven” I have added new, exclusive content, including:

  • Clay – why and where?
  • Mechanising the process of mixing
  • Adding an earthen plaster finish
  • An alternative chimney
  • Cooking with the oven
  • Repairing cracks
If you’d like to take a sneaky peek at one of the chapters click the following download link.

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Some images from the eBook: