Delicious Roast Meat

Apologies to all the vegetarians reading this but I would be selling the wood-fired, clay oven short if I failed to mention how well it works when it comes to roasting meat.

The clay oven is fabulous at high temperature for cooking the perfect pizza but if you allow these babies to cool down somewhat, you can use the residual heat to cook sublime roast joints of meat.  So why is this?  Well it’s all to do with the way that the oven’s cool after reaching top temperatures that creates the ideal temperature profile for cooking perfect roasts.  So what’s the best way to roast meat? Read any chef’s books on roasting meat and they’ll tell you to begin the roast at a high temperature (approx. 250° C) for 30 minutes or so (depending on size of joint) and then to drop the temperature to somewhere between 180 – 140 ° C until the meat is perfectly cooked.  This method produces perfectly cooked,  juicy and succulent meat every time.  In a traditional oven you have to remember to step-down the temperature but in a clay oven this occurs naturally.  You pop your joint of meat or a chicken in the oven when the temperature drops down to around 250° C, block the door and chimney and leave it.  Over the cooking period the temperature of the clay oven will drop naturally and gradually which allows the meat to have it’s initial 30 minute sizzle then to slowly roast until it is perfectly “relaxed” and cooked to a tee.

Finally, why not try a very slow roast joint of lamb or pork shoulder.  Because the oven will retain a low heat for many hours while it cools down, it is possible to slow cook meat for several hours (even over night).  Meat cooked in this way literally falls of the bone and melts in the mouth.  Hungry? I am!