A pizza oven and much much more!
Find out why.
The Best Pizza Oven Ever!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that pizza cooked in a fiercely hot clay pizza oven is the best you will ever taste. Why are they better than pizzas cooked in the gas or electric oven in your home? It’s all about the heat! The oven in your home will reach a maximum temperature of around 250° C.

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Better Bread

For centuries, throughout the world, wood-fired clay ovens have been shared in small communities. To this day it is a common sight, in regions of southern Europe, North Africa and widely across Asia, to see women carrying food to and from these communal ovens. Bread, as one might expect

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Delicious Roast Meat

Apologies to all the vegetarians reading this but I would be selling the wood-fired, clay oven short if I failed to mention how well it works when it comes to roasting meat.

The clay oven is fabulous at high temperature for cooking the perfect pizza but if you allow these babies to cool down

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